Aqua Locksmith Store Commercial Eviction Service Hermosa Beach, CA


Every property owner will tell you that they desire to have good tenants that pay their rent on time, abide by the laid down norms and keep the property in excellent condition. Unfortunately, many are often faced with problematic tenants and in such a case; the last resort is to get the tenant evicted from their commercial building. You might need to opt for a commercial eviction  service if:

  • The tenant has been defaulting on the rent without any prior indication
  • The property is being used for illegal activities
  • The tenant has caused significant damage to the property
  • The tenant is involved in an activity that poses a health and safety risk to the personnel or the property itself
  • The property is being sublet to other companies or subtenants without explicit permission
  • Their activities have been causing nuisance in the property or the general public

How to go about it?

	Aqua Locksmith Store  Hermosa Beach, CA 310-844-9187Once you’ve affirmed that an eviction is a must, you need to hold on to any evidence that will back up your claims and file a case in court. If the law is on your side, it’s likely that you’ll win the case and get the legal order to evict the tenant from your property. Serve the notice to the tenants and if the tenant still refuses to move out, you can have a police officer escort them out of the premises. You then need to hire a commercial eviction service , to assist you with the security issues that follow thereafter.

How can we assist you?

All you have to do is call us on 310-844-9187, state your requirement and we’ll send a commercial eviction service team to your location. Rented out commercial spaces are large, and there would have been numerous people who might have had the access to it. It might take us considerable amount of time to thoroughly assess your property. Once we’re done, we rekey all the locks possible and change the ones that are too old or damaged to be rekeyed. 

Our 24/7 provision:

If you’re about to hand over the property to new tenants the very next day or believe that you cannot wait until tomorrow to secure your property against the former tenants, then you can call us for overnight work as well. We’ve rekeyed the locks on entire office buildings in a few hours. Schedule an appointment for our commercial  locksmith service as per your convenience at any time, be it day or night.